Server Virtualization and Disaster Recovery

Reduce maintenance and management costs

Server Virtualization

Your asset management policy dictates that aging hardware and servers need to be replaced timely, but rebuilding the operating system and applications make the transition labor intensive. There are two separate risks involved: The risk of continued operations on dated hardware and the risk to business operations associated with moving your applications onto new hardware. Virtualizing your servers solve both of these problems. By virtualizing, you can take snapshots of the existing servers and deploy them on updated hardware. This minimizes downtime and reduces the risk of affecting critical operations.

Server Backups and Disaster Recovery

Server Virtualization also provides a robust solution to protecting your data in the event of an unforeseen disaster such as fire, flood, or hardware failure. Traditionally, a disaster recovery solution involved the expense of purchasing and maintaining identical hardware at a reciprocal site. With server virtualization, snapshots can be taken of your servers and deployed at any time and on any hardware. This ensures minimal downtime in the event of a disaster and is highly cost effective. CNET Inc. also offers a state of the art disaster recovery center with temporary workspace so business operations can be restored as soon as possible.